Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Hi community, also a newbie here. Wishing you all the best on your paths to success. I stumbled upon TOP after searching for javascript courses online and will be trying to learn as much as possible from you guys.

Great content so far and seeing so many being engaged makes one not feel alone on the journey.

Keep it up


Graduated HS 5 years ago, but newbie as well. Welcome!


hi , new here to codding and odin, i will like some to recommend some books here to read .


While I don’t have any formal experience or education with programming, I’ve dabbled with it. I’ve worked in IT for a long time and want to move into development. My goal with TOP is to become employable with these skills, as quickly as I can so I can start the transition. If anyone with a similar background and experience wants to join me, I’ll be starting the Full Stack JS track before the week is over. I expect to get through the basics fairly quickly, but expect to slow down once I get to the actual JS parts. If you’re interesting in keeping a pace with me so we can be partners feel free to reach out to me! :slightly_smiling_face:



New here as well as of a few days ago. Starting to get used to Linux after the install part here, but haven’t started the curriculum. Will probably try to officially start tomorrow.
I have been working on learning to code around a month and a half now through various platforms like Sololearn. Found my way here by accident from a post on Reddit.
This site comes highly recommended by a lot of people so I figured there wasn’t any harm in trying.
I just learned today how to make a bootable USB with Linux on it and have finished converting my laptop to that OS from Windows 10. Ever since I let it upgrade from Windows 8 it’s been a sluggish paperweight.
Now that I’ve changed to the latest build of Ubuntu it runs so much faster and smoother.
Will likely convert all of my pc’s to Linux except my gaming rig. Anyways glad to be here. Seems like a decent community.


Howdy there.
This is my first post on the website and I figured a brief introduction was in order.
I’m new to programming but I’m jumping in headfirst to my available online resources to teach myself what I can.
I just started working for Amazon in one of their fulfillment centers & my plan is to use their education benefits in a year from now to pursue my schooling further in the realm of IT.
But until then I want to learn everything I can to build myself a solid foundation to build off of, & to get a head start.
Still not entirely sure what coding languages I’d be best off dedicating myself to or what would be the most useful, but as of now I’m still trying to master the basics & plan on going from there :slight_smile:


Slight newbie to programming, but definite newbie to TOP. I’m one of those people that has started for the umpteenth time, and never could stick with it. But hoping that by taking advantage of the community it will help me achieve my dreams of landing a job with programming. Best of luck to all of you! :slight_smile:


hi. Im studying IT and new on TOP. Would love to learn more and have someone to work through problems with!


Hi hello! My name is Colin, here’s a bit about me and how I’ve come to join The Odin Project community:

I graduated from university with a degree in psychology. That was about three years ago, and since then I’ve working in elementary schools, mostly with the special needs population.

A year ago I became interested in UX design, and I set out to teach myself. I read several books and watched tutorials online. I taught myself some basic HTML and CSS as a complementary skill, and I used what I learned to build myself an online portfolio. It wasn’t a fancy site - I kept things pretty minimalist - but it did its intended job.

I cobbled together a few UX research projects and put them on my site, and then I applied for entry level/assistant positions. No luck there, but at some point I realized I enjoyed building my portfolio site more than conducting UX research. I found it gratifying to puzzle through the problems I encountered, and I’d end up sinking many afternoons into fiddling with the code.

So here I am! I’m excited to continue learning through TOP.


I’m new to The Odin Project
Just wanting to learn how to code and design to try and get into front-end developing and possibly some UI/UX design. My Discord is @PabloC.


Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m currently a college student, but I find self-teaching myself is more effective than my professors. My primary languages are C++ and Python. I also know some Java, but I hate it, so I hope I won’t need to use Java again. Ruby seems like a fun language to me, so hopefully I will learn a lot here. Good luck everyone!





New here. Here’s a bit of my backstory:

Got my BS in Kinesiology. I’ve been working as a PTA (physical therapist assistant) for the past two years. While I still love learning about the body and how it moves … I don’t see myself being in the field long term.

During my PTA program, I started an intro to web development program that I never finished because school got in the way. Always told myself I’d come back. So here I am!

Super excited and determined to get started.


Yes i they with you, lets make a plan on how to get things running together.
Precisely… GitHub


Anyone else finish the external HTML and CSS activities and then when they returned to Odin and the Google project thought, ‘Oh, fuck, I’m not ready for this’?

That’s basically where I am now lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I’ll probably just have to go through all the HTML and CSS activities again, but now with the Google project in mind.


that’s a good idea. keep trying building stuff and go back for reference. you’ll get there, dw.


Thanks. I’ll do that.


Hey guys, I just started my path today, I’m hoping this website and community can help me develop full stack knowledge and skills. My goal is to work on this path daily and never give up. Nice meeting you guys !


Hey guys, I just started in this code world. I’m hoping that this community can develop in me a lot of knowledge an programim skills.


Please what is the TOP/TOD curriculum. I tried browsing it, didn’t get anything meaningful. Can someone send me the link?
Thank you.