Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Another newbie here! I have been self-teaching myself HTML and CSS and started JS recently. I am a single working mum and don’t have the time or money to get a degree! So I am hoping I can do this myself with the help of the Odin Project and CodeAcademy etc. I wish I had known this is what I wanted to do when I was a teenager! But I was never career-minded and just wanted to work, travel and have a family back then. Now my kids - age 7 and 12 - are getting older I am more than ready to have a career! I don’t want to always be working minimum wage jobs and there are a lot of developer jobs in my area (UK).
Its been very exciting and rewarding so far but also tricky to stay focused in any one area as you need a bit of each language to really build something to its fullest potential! And there is SO much I still don’t understand!
In the past 8 months I have recently lost 58lbs in weight. I did this with hard work (tonnes of exercise daily!) and had to break my goals down into managable chunks (14lbs at a time). I intend to try to approach my coding in the same way! With dedicated time and effort and not looking too far ahead at the (seemingly-impossible) bigger picture!

I have time on my side as I have a few years left before I need to think about working full time and getting my career! So I should be around here for a long while!


I am new to coding! Took a class in high school 10 years ago and barely remember anything. I am interested in learning to code and this seemed like a good place to start.


Hey, many tries but none stuck so far. Going to devote at least an hour a day to the Odin project this summer.