Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Another newbie here! I have been self-teaching myself HTML and CSS and started JS recently. I am a single working mum and don’t have the time or money to get a degree! So I am hoping I can do this myself with the help of the Odin Project and CodeAcademy etc. I wish I had known this is what I wanted to do when I was a teenager! But I was never career-minded and just wanted to work, travel and have a family back then. Now my kids - age 7 and 12 - are getting older I am more than ready to have a career! I don’t want to always be working minimum wage jobs and there are a lot of developer jobs in my area (UK).
Its been very exciting and rewarding so far but also tricky to stay focused in any one area as you need a bit of each language to really build something to its fullest potential! And there is SO much I still don’t understand!
In the past 8 months I have recently lost 58lbs in weight. I did this with hard work (tonnes of exercise daily!) and had to break my goals down into managable chunks (14lbs at a time). I intend to try to approach my coding in the same way! With dedicated time and effort and not looking too far ahead at the (seemingly-impossible) bigger picture!

I have time on my side as I have a few years left before I need to think about working full time and getting my career! So I should be around here for a long while!


I am new to coding! Took a class in high school 10 years ago and barely remember anything. I am interested in learning to code and this seemed like a good place to start.


Hey, many tries but none stuck so far. Going to devote at least an hour a day to the Odin project this summer.


new member here. looking to update skills to make a change from current career (wealth management). want to find something coding related - not sure yet how/where i’d like to apply those skills. would love to connect with similar minded folks as i begin this journey.


Hi all, I’m currently halfway through web dev 101 in the JS section, if anyone wants to collab feel free to message me!


Hello World !
I am Shubham Kr Singh, I have had a keen interest in web development since ages, A friend of mine recommended to try out The Odin Project and so here I am to begin my web development story. :grin:


Hello Everyone, i’m new to Odin Project, I have some basic experience in HTML & CSS. I’m trying to improve i HTML & CSS but also would like to start learning JavaScript. Any idea or schedule to follow to learn more of HTML and CSS but also learn JavaScript. Anyone would like to partner together to learn, work on project and learn together i believe this way is more fund and we can learn from each other mistake/Errors. Anyways hit me up if anyways want to learn together.



Newbie here looking for a partner! Hope we can push each other to crush this thing!


Hey there, i have some experience with HTML and CSS. But i’m new to this. Anyways If you want to work together let me know. We can use git as well.


Hey there, i have some experience with HTML and CSS. But i’m new to this. Anyways If you want to work together let me know. We can use git as well.

I’m glad you work hard and planning to do the same with coding.


Hey there, i have some experience with HTML and CSS. But i’m new to this. Anyways If you want to work together let me know. We can use git as well.


Hey there everyone!

Guess what? I am new here as well. :smiley: :sunny:
Looking for a study buddy. Starting with Web Dev and looking to move onto Ruby afterwards.



I’m spanking new as well. I just finished the HTML Intro course with CodeAcademy, but am starting the Web Dev program through Odin. So far, I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed by the code talk on these forums LOL. How are you doing?

What editor are you planning to use? I’ve been looking into Atom.


Hi! Im a tech enthusiast who decided to start learning code to expand my knowledge on how programming works. I scrolled across a suggestion from reddit and ended up here.


I’m a recent college grad with an AAS in Manufacturing Systems. We learned a little about coding with Python, but nothing super in depth. I bounced around in school from IT to my major, and graduated still kind of lost. So I’m doing the Odin Project to maybe add some new skills to my resume. Hello to TOP!


Hey y’all! I’m new to coding and looking forward to the journey ahead…gotta admit that I’m a little overwhelmed by some of the terminology & all that jazz. I have my BS in Biology but am currently working in sales.I love puzzles so I look forward to solving some with all of you!


Hey hey, everyone. Very new to programming and excited to start the journey in web dev. I don’t know a lot at the moment, but am looking forward to boost my skills here.


Hello! I am also new. I am currently working through the web development 101 course. I don’t have any prior IT/CS experience but I am driven by the idea that TOP will help anyone go from 0 to ready, if the effort and patience is there. I appreciate all the help and motivation I have received from the community already. Lets get it, everyone!


Wow. How did you do that?


Hey TOP community I’m a newbie here and I just graduated high school but I’m really tryna get deep into code because of my environmental situations and Im tryna bring a lot of hope to myself so if any of you would like to come together as a group we could make a discord chat or something