Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Hey guys, Phil here from Kenya, am so excited to finally get a clear road map to web development with the Odin Project. I’m new to web development and having you guys around feels so motivating. Looking forward to an amazing learning experience.


@Phil hello there… I find this forum great too. If you wanna have some conversation about code you can add me up on omoshBT#3243. Drop your discord tag if you don’t mind


Yea sure, Phil#5557 is my tag, I sent you a request already.


@Phil Accepted


Hi, i’m from ghana. Looking forward to making new friends and talk about coding. ready to go on a dev journey as well as pair programming.


Greetings - Completely and utterly a newbie - actually if there was a level below newbie that would be me.


Hi Everyone! I am the newest newbie on The Odin Project today. I have a lot of learning to do and am extremely excited to get started. I have been putting this off for quite awhile now and when I came across the project today I realized what I had been waiting for…the right place! I’ve never really participated much in any forums but I have a feeling this time will be different. (hopefully its not because I’ve gotten stuck or need help)


Hello everyone, new newest newbie here. I have some experience learning Python programming from MOOCs, but this will be my first deep dive into web dev, excited to get started!


Hey Guys I am also a newbie basically. I do remember writing another reply but cant find it or I didnt. Anyways I just completed the 1st JavaScript Project and really look forward work with you guys. Me on discord : The_Blank#0075
If anyone wants to learn with me I would really appreciate that since its a lot more fun that way. I actually get in touch someone from here if they intends to do so.


I sent you a request


great … and thank you very much


Hi Martin - I was just scrolling through and I saw your post. I am Frederick Dandure and I’m from Zimbabwe. I am looking for an online Coding Partner to help each other through the upsides and downsides of this path. I hope you do not mind. Looking forward to ur response and working with you.


Hi , I’m new here. I have consistency issues. I need a partner so we can learn together.


So happy to see this, did this become the Newbie channel on discord? I’m yughug. see you over there!


Hello everyone!


Hello! I stumbled upon TOP after going through a myriad of courses that held my hand and even when I learned the topic I didn’t know how to just start creating stuff.

With TOP I hope to become a web developer one day!


Code Newbie here! I’ve been doing a lot of research into web development and I’m looking forward to learning and improving my coding skills. Good luck to everyone else taking the plunge as well!! :blush:


Hey y’all I’m currently studying computer science in college but I’m trying to learn web dev to be more marketable to employers! I’m actually trying to land a SWE job in Japan next year. Happy learning!


Literally getting started on this journey. I’ve done some programming close to 20years ago now and really keen to have some fun again and just enjoy the ride!


Hello everyone! I’m new here. I just signed up and am starting to go through the tutorials.

I went through the first two years of a computer science degree at Portland State and learned some C++ and a lot of math. I ran out of money so I decided to try to teach myself through online tutorials. I’ve been studying web development through and udacity.

I stumbled upon TOP through a reddit forum, and I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m ready to get started!