Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Hey there! Fully new to coding and in search for a new creative endeavor and hopefully some work in the future, looking forward to this.


Hello all,
I’m completely green to coding, and am looking for something to challenge my mind and possibly work in the field. Looked at various coding bootcamps and the Odin project looks to have a good curriculum. So goes nothing :upside_down_face:


I would love to learn everything about it !! Totally new


Ditto!!! :slight_smile:


hello friends!!! so I’m totally new giving this coding thing a whirl i will be confiding in all of you guys lol


Also new, what could possibly go wrong. :slight_smile:


Hello all! Both excited and nervous to start this journey. Valhalla or bust right?


Hi everyone! I started the course last week and can already tell TOP is better than all those other sites that just have you jump into coding. I’m already getting errors with launching my first Rails app (2.3) but will endure!


Started day 1 of TOP! Very excited to jump right in!


hello guys, am iyke from africa am a newbie in programming…am glad i found this site.


Hello everyone. I just started my journey into web development and I have to say, scanning these forums already has me hyped! I’m a quick learner and I am anxious to dive right in. Super excited to connect with you all.


Hi, I am Martin Sewornu from Ghana in West Africa, i am new to coding and i like this community so much, i hope to learn more from here.


:sweat_smile: hello everyone. I’m here to code while getting all the support I can from the community


I’ve been learning web dev for a little bit now but still feel like a beginner. Hit me up on discord if anyone wants to be coding pals :grinning: cgrossi#1699


Hi! I’m learning C++, Java and now also web-developing. I’ve been looking for people to work on some interesting projects with. :grinning: If anyone is interested, here’s my discord nickname: programminghour#3098 I can’t wait for somebody to code with :smile:


I’m a Norwegian Informatics student doing this to learn a bit more about web development. I hope I can crack the css code this time around. My best languages are Python and Haskell.


I work at an IT company in the DevOps space and am new to coding, github, chef, and all of the devops tools. Using The Odin Project to learn more about Web Development and the front end and back end tools. Looking forward to this challenging project.


Hello. My name is Lee. I’m back to do more on TOP so I can learn Linux for my future courses in college.


Just starting also. Hit me up if you want to work together!


@jemini Hello there, wanna share ideas on discord? Share your discord tag if interested