Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Hello. I’m interested in learning programming since the working field offers some very attractive opportunities. My current goal is to learn enough to become proficient. I’ve learned some HTML, CSS and Python, and hope to stick to the curriculum of TOP.

Feel free to contact me if you want to have a partner.


I’m your girl. How do we do this? DM me with your email address and we can immediately set up a plan that would not only suit both our schedule but would be greatly motivating and challenging in the best way.


I couldn’t find a way to message you privately but feel free to hit me up at Looking forward to have someone hold me accountable.


hello. i also need a partner to code with. my email: Discord: @charliepoker


I am new here


I am new here. Would love to have some kind of mentor or somebody to work with.


I’m also a newbie here - I signed up some months back but got caught up in my college classes and am now on break and looking to delve back in, and think a partner would be a good motivator and challenge.

I’m not sure how the pm’ing works on TOP but here’s my e-mail for anyone interested:


Hello everybody, I’m here to learn how to code and to become a Web Developer. I’m quite excited to get started as it is my resolution for 2019!



This course and the idea back-to-front course is awesome!!!

I have done CS106A on-line. And when I saw all those introductory papers and videos. Targeting the student with a basis to learn the craft it really felt like such a course. A well thought on-line program. Much like the one I did. You guys are definitely building something big and engaging too. 'Cause this community here is Gold!

I am loving it! Congratulations for the course and from everybody in the community. Thank you.


hi i’m new too i’ve been learning to code on google free code camp for some time. was feeling insecure about my progress and decided to try odin project. i like this community cause it’s very interactive. i’m here to learn new skills and also to boost my confidence too.


hi let’s partner, i’m struggling with being consistent and i would love work with you my email-address is


Hi! I’m not entirely new to programming, but I have quite stopped my progress and I’m looking for a group to join to keep me motivated and to hopefully motivate you too. I have school during the day, so I’ll usually be studying at night (gmt +8). I would very much like to join your group, even if you have no prior experience. As long as you have that passion to learn programming, then it would be such an honor if I were accepted in your group!


Please contact me through discord - Sparrow#4509
Or reply here. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to studying with you!


Not many people now but we’re growing.


Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I’ve dabbled with html and css a bit here and there, but now I’m trying harder to stick with coding. My goal is to learn enough that I feel confident to start applying for jobs.



Brand spanking new here! Let’s GO!!!



Coming back after a long while, hopefully I can study more consistently this year. Good luck everyone with this journey!


Hey there, I’m fairly new to coding and development and has started the curriculum a couple days ago. Would love to connect and have fun along the way.


hello.i am new here…i am thankful to the creators of the website and everyone who is contributing and helping others to learn and grow… i am looking forward to complete the courses and improve my coding


Hi I am new too. Do you have any other experience in computer science field.