Are you a newbie? Come together, right now


Ahoy peers,

This forum topic is created in a very single purpose:

Gather everyone who is new in coding


It helps to keep on track
It motivates you
Share your experience way of self-taught journey


@tkaspo @jhonjwong

I picked you quickly.

This site and forum later can be used for everyone!

  Hey I'm pretty new to coding and development. I am completely new to the site and being an active member in a forum. I have however, loved the amount of information that can be sourced from members of a community since I was first introduced to the internet.

 Its really amazing to see such an active and dedicated community here at Odin and as i progress i hope to be able to make some contributions as well. Cheers


I’m stoked about the opportunities that the Odin Project opens up for me, and just need to get better about using the forums as I go! I just mostly finished the first actual exercise in the web development course (the one where you’re making the google home page), and boy howdy, was that a wild ride! I guess I mostly got it in the end, but I went through various frameworks (or maybe just ways of approaching it) before getting going on a better path in the end, and all along the way (which was ridiculously and embarrassingly long), I kept wondering how I could use this forum to help me figure out what I’m doing more. Oh well, so anyway, I think this is a pretty neat place, and I hope we can all figure out the best way to make good use of it!


Hello! I’m not on the forums much, but I am on the gitter chat now and then. New to coding and found my way to TOP after doing some animation courses from Khan Academy, I look forward to increasing my earnings potential and further my career; may even change it up a bit. I think I am about to finish the Rock Paper Scissors DOM Manipulation section; finally got a single round to work! Wahoo!


Hey! :slight_smile:
Right now I’m starting Rock Paper Scissors DOM Manipulation section. I study about 3 hours a day and my objective is to work as a programmer in about 6 months (when I graduate).

I’m also not in the forums much, but hey, if you’re planning something you can message me. :slight_smile:


Hello am just a newbie on Odin, may i have a partner we can work on projects and achieve things together??


Hi! I’ve literally just made this account. I’m an absolute beginner to programming, so this is going to be an interesting experience for me.


i am also new here …yes we can work together on projects


I am also looking for a partner


I thought TOD was more active :frowning:


TOD curriculum is amazing for anyone who wants to try not only web development but programming in general as well.
The ruby programming course was extremely demanding yet it brings out the best of you.
I am now at JavaScript part and I’d say no challenge is intimidating for me anymore.
It’s not that I’m the best now but I have acquired the problem solving skills through all the projects from TOD.
If you really like programming, I’d suggest to go through every project in the curriculum.
Even if you feel like you can do it, you will learn something new every time.


I’m new here too, and would like to find a partner to help keep me on track, and also maybe to help have someone to work through problems with. Anyone?


Hey, I’m also new as matter of fact I just started on TOP today. I know of programming per se but now I want to learn and live it to be honest! Hope I can be of use in the near future :smile:


Hi, I’m new


Am here …would love to pair with you


Hello I am happy you join us…am also a beginner and would love to pair with you …


Hello, I am also new here and looking for a dedicated and motivated partner


I am new here. would like to join you.


I am new here. who would like to join me?


Hey everyone! I’m the new guy around here and I’m looking for someone who’s as dedicated as I am to be my partner!