Anyone struggling with the readings?


Hi guys, I’ve been doing the HTML/CSS course for a little while now but I’ve been struggling a bit. It’s just long reading after long reading, and while I’m taking notes and trying to remember everything, it takes me ages to get through each article and I feel like it’s not the best way to learn.

Does anyone else feel like there is just too much reading and not enough variety? Am I the only one? I’ve heard from everyone that TOP is the best way to learn and get a job, but I find myself bogged down in articles and losing momentum.


Hi @maekart

People learn in different ways. Although we recommend resources we feel are good you can always search for a youtube video on the topic if you learn better that way.

Ultimately though there are no shortcuts to learning to code. You have to put in the hard graft. There are times when I’m learning that I don’t enjoy the topic at all but I keep pushing through because I know I need to learn it.


When I started out, I took a lot of notes, then I realized that my code files (and some comments) are my notes.

To make reading assignments more relevant, I usually do some coding to practice / explore the ideas. It’s easy to read something and think I understand it, but often it’s only when I code out the ideas I see what I don’t really understand. I rarely take notes now (nearly finished whole Odin course), but I do bookmark a lot of documentation after reading through it.

Don’t know if that helps, but it’s what I found useful.


What I do.
I click through every link attached to the course and then add it to Trello if it’s too long to read at that time, otherwise, I go through it taking key notes