Anyone need a pairing partner?

My name’s Leo, I’m 21 here in the US of A and looking for a pairing partner. If you’re down lmk and we’ll set up a discord or something, looking forward to working with someone!

I’m down to pair up, Leo. My name is CJ. I have Discord and I’m using VSCode with Live Share.

i’m down to pairing up too to working together in the course of our journey . This my discord zieeco#8429

Cool cool cool, Cj my discord is Orsenfells#0571 go ahead and add me and we can talk about the project, and zieeco I’ll go ahead and add ya too and we can chat!

Cool, man. I added you as sptyi#1463.

I am all new and looking for a partner too. I am in Austin, TX and in CST.


This seems to be the current thread so I’ll chime in. Looking for partner for pair project using VSCode live share and can do discord or skype. In EST available during the day on weekdays. Discord is gummi467#3118.

Looks like there is a group of three and Art so far. Let me know and I’ll be glad to jump in.

Thanks, Jared


I am also in Austin, Tx and am seeking someone to pair with. My discord is laurence_castaneda#5160

Let me know if you’re interested and I can tell you more about myself.

I’m Sam 27, we can be partners Leo

And I’m from Kenya