Anyone else have a probelm with the following tutorial (web dev 101 build android logo)? [SOLVED]


Morning all, The videois no longer available, any ideas how i can get to view it?

Build the Android logo using just HTML and CSS by watching this video from an amazing website called The Code Player.

solved issue sorry everyone


sorry problem solved


Out of curiosity, how were you able to solve? I’m finding that the page won’t load for me.


It’s available on youtube if you search for it.


I actually let the page load for what seemed like ages and came back to it after making coffee by which time it had fully loaded, it was a horrible page tho as each time i paused the video it would have to re-load - my advice is leave it to load, then watch it completely so it only has to load once.


Got it. I let it load for a few minutes and it worked. Thank you!