Anyone else developing with Docker?


I’ve found over the years that installing dev packages willy nilly on a pc/laptop that I use daily can simply wreck it over time. LIke much of the world using Linux for a daily driver I run a distro of Ubuntu. Maybe not cutting-edge, but the folks at Canonical do stay fairly up to date with their Official Distributions. Still, common packages like Python NodeJS RubyOnRails tend to be a few point releases, and sometime full releases, behind what contemporary developers would like to use.
Docker solves this, and many other problems, quite elegantly. A nicely isolated dev environment that sets it’s own prerequisites w/o messing with your base system. There is no pain like a pc/laptop that can’t apt update anymore because the admin inadvertently replaced Python3 with Python2. Or vice-versa as I did a few years back.
That said, I will be interested in trading trade-secrets with anyone who is also setting up a Docker based Dev Environment.
Fact is, I’m posting this now while I rebuild my initial dev container cuz I a inadvertently put ruby:2.5.6 in the Dockerfile instead of ruby:2.6.5 as the tutorial calls for. Imagine my astonishment when

Step 1/8 : FROM ruby:2.5.6
—> a161c3e3dda8

appeared on my screen :exploding_head:
after having pulled ruby:2.6.5 before-hand.
Build’s done! back to work, after a lil’ break pomodoro style :grin: