Another Newbie here. Want to study with me?

Hello World!
My name is Stefan Landman.
I am very excited to get started here, and to get things moving forward with my coding journey.
I only know Html and CSS, I want to learn how to incorporate JS.

As mentioned in the pre-course content, a good way to learn and push ourselves,
is to have people study with us (i.e. Classmates, fellow students, study partners etc.)
So lets figure out how we can make a little bit of a study group.
If possible, I would like to have a group of at least 3-5 people that can all study together.
We can discuss study times and session length.

After the group is happy and feels confident enough, we could maybe even work on some real world projects together?
That is my aim at the end of the day.

Hope to hear from you all soon :wink:
Looking forward to it :smiley:

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Hi Stefan, I’m just starting on the full stack JS track now. Hoping to dedicate an hour or so a day, not sure if you’ll be going at quicker pace. I have to work around full time job and kids :slight_smile:

Study group sounds good though. Good luck recruiting!

Cheers, Tom

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Hey Stefan,
I am new here too. I am taking the default route (ruby on rails) to web development. I think we can study together.

That sounds awesome, yes time management is a big factor in studying like this but is worthwhile in the long run.

thanks, Good luck with the studies
kind regards
-S. Landman

Hey, that’s awesome.

Let me know if and when you would like to start a session.
I am trying to put in a few hours today :slight_smile:

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