American living in Mexico -> Looking for other newbies, learners and anyone looking to colab

Hey all. As the title says, looking for anyone who wants to work on the Odin collaboration project and possibly keep in touch for future projects and collaborations.

I am 30, interested in music (played in bands for many years), food, soccer and dank memes.

I hope to find some good people! Feel free to give me a shout.


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Hey @robbiesoho I’m also new here (and to JavaScript). I’m looking for collabs too.

I lived in Mexico City for half a year. Also play some piano, guitar, bass.

Open to work together and chat!


Sounds great. I have sent you a message. If anyone else wants to start a discord group to bounce ideas off each other, please hit reply.

I would be interested in doing the pairing project or pairing on a different project at some point. I’m in US Central Time and I’m available most evenings at 8:00 PM. I’m not much of a newbie any more but I haven’t paired with anyone yet. I skipped over that part before but now I want to come back and give it a try.

Let me know.


Great Josh! Message sent.

Hi there bro! I’m a musician too (piano here)… I’m stuck in my pomodoro, thats a picture on how it looks like…

Looks good man. Send me your discord numbers and I’ll add you. We can make a small learners group on discord.

Ginner Zapata#5743

im interested too, the thing is that I just began the course, still setting up stuff and im free only on weekends. Of course I try to do as much as I can during the week, but I usually dont get that far.

No problem. Send me your discord info and I’ll add you

Can I jump on this hype train? #0818

I’ve progressed pretty far, but would love to help other newbies

Absolutely. But please send your discord name time. Needs both I guess


Hey jcy, I started a discord group for a few of us, heres an invite:

hey Jesus, join our discord group:

sorry for the delay:


I’ll try to enter the chat more often, still haven’t progressed that much, Im still in the Git lesson :roll_eyes:

Even small progress is still progress!

And that’s the point of the group: To answer the questions you can answer yourself!

See you on Discord soon brother

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hey @robbiesoho I haven’t been coming on here much. my invite link was invalid. MAybe it’s expired. If so send another please.


Here you go. If this doesn’t work send me your discord name and #

Hello Robert, I’m Sam from Kenya, fond of gymming and music too, would like to be partners in this project