[Advice] Learning with a busy schedule

Hey guys,

My name is Isaac and after about a year of consideration (or procrastination if I’m being completely honest), I’ve finally decided to tackle learning code.

My family operates an online trade printing business that relies heavily on custom development and various third party software integration, and I’m realizing more and more how essential this skill will be. The problem I am facing is a lack of time. I work anywhere from 8-10 hour days and have a 10 month old + an exhausted wife at home. Thanks to the pandemic, we have no help taking care of the baby.

My question is for those who didn’t have the time to bang it out in a 6 month period, but successfully finished the course and achieved their end goals. I’m very curious to know what approach was used to manage study time efficiently and retain the abundance of information. Any and all advice is welcome and appreciate!

Honestly, consistently keep at it. Think of learning how to code like going to the gym.

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