Absurdly small icons in Xubuntu




As you can see, I can’t figure out a way to enlarge these icons.

Besides, my login interface is also absurdly small.

My Xubuntu version is 18.04, and the resolution is 3840*1994

I think i’m using the standard icons, because i haven’t done any alteration to the icon.

The DPI is 300%,96X96 per inch.


right click on the menu button at the top left. then click on properties.

change these as you wish.


Appreciate it, mister!

This does work!

Now, i just need to find the way to enlarge my login interface .


hmm, the solution for that would be normally a little bit more complicated. but before that you can try this. search for additional drivers in search menu. then wait to see if it suggests you a driver change for your graphics card.

try changing to the one that is not already chosen and restart your computer after installation.

also is your gpu nvidia?


Sorry for such delay!

I do have a Nvidia card, however, i run my linux on Virtualbox.
After several trying, i still can’t install any Nvidia Driver.

And in Additional Drivers, There are only:

VMware:SVGA II adapter
This device is not working
InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH: virtualbox guest service
This device is not working


hmm yeah sorry this is all i got :sweat_smile:


Appreciate it!:grapes: