About google-homepage


Hi. I got stuck at moving the file to my local machine. I created the repository on GitHub called google-homepage and on terminal, when I typed git clone https://github.com/myusername/google-homepage, it gives me fatal: destination path 'google-homepage' already exists and is not an empty directory. error. Then I tried to remove it with rmdir but then it gave me rmdir: 'google-homepage' couldn't be removed: The directory is not empty error. Can someone help me in advance? Much appreciated from now on :blush:.


Hey there,

I usually just go into Finder or Explorer and delete them, but a quick Google search and I found what may be a solution.

If you want to delete a directory with files in it you can use this command: rm -r directoryname

Here’s the website so you can read further about it. This may be a way to safeguard people from accidentally deleting important directories.

Hope that works.