A TOP projects section


Hey guys,

I had an idea the other day so i thought I’d share it. It would be awesome if Odin had a Projects only section, containing projects that required the use of most technologies/programming languages taught on Odin.

The projects could be user/student-submitted or someone more experienced could make them. Both would probably be the best option.

Projects could have a different difficulty(easy,medium,hard,insane). So that both beginners and experienced developers(who finished the whole curriculum but haven’t got a job in web development yet) could have some fun and learn new stuff.

The section shouldn’t be limited to things taught on Odin thought. For example, one of the projects could be to make a website using something else than Rails for backend. I noticed in the chat that a few people are interested in learning Node for example. Someone could put up a project that required Node to be used as back-end. People who attempt to do it would search online for resources to learn Node, they can then submit the resources they found most useful to the project.

Again, this is just an idea. I’m sure if the concept is ok, it can be modified into something really good and useful. Making The Odin Project more complex and interesting. I think this could be the missing gap between doing the regular projects/tutorials and being able to participate in real projects you get at work.

I would LOVE to hear your opinion on this guys!

P.S I really appreciate what TOP is offering. It’s one of the best curriculums out there and on top of that it’s free. I think no one is allowed to complain, so please don’t think I’m complaining. I’m just trying to improve it even more. I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but I would like to help as much as I can in case you decide in favor of this idea.

(this post is still being written, i thought of a few other things but can’t really remember them in the moment of writing this post)


I think its a great idea @dvik1950, Id recommend starting out with something smallish to see what goes well and not so well before getting into large projects.


A local meetup here in Columbus has some pretty good challenges on their website. PairColumbus.org


@deedle42 These are nice, someone linked this subreddit today and I really like it. But on both the number of projects are limited. And most of them are methods and simple projects.


Maybe we could have a section or thread on the forum for such projects and challenges. I’m learning React but I don’t want to pollute the Gitter chat with questions.


@105ron Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking of more complex projects which would require a lot more “space” than the comment section. A thread with a project and comments to people’s github solutions isn’t permanent enough in my opinion. Searching through the forum can be a bit frustrating and a lot of projects would be lost at the older pages.

Meanwhile, here’s a suggestion for a project or two:

  1. My friend recently got a job as a Java developer, I will try to get the assignments and exercises the company sent him during all three interviewing phases. Things like these could help people who are currently looking for a job get a better idea of the requirements needed to land a job. Of course, that’s just one company and the assignments vary a lot depending on the company, but if more people were able to provide such exercises we would be able to make a more complete list and help people just enough to land a job.

  2. https://github.com/Haseeb-Qureshi/lets-build-a-blockchain Since blockchain is getting more and more popular, something like this might be very interesting. (I did not do this challenge as I don’t have the required skills and knowledge currently, but I will give feedback very soon once i feel able to do the challenge/project)


great idea ,i think we could copy a website as closely as we can. we’d only do this for practice
that could nice and fun


I think this is a great idea! I’m sure I speak for most when I say that doing the projects are the best way to grow as a developer.

I recently have been learning Node for some small back end projects (API related) and I love it. I think that if someone has gone through the Rails course, they could pick up Express (or some other Node web framework) rather quickly given the right resources.

Since Node is mostly JavaScript, maybe there could be a small section on Node/Express towards the end of the JS course and then the user could have the option of learning Node to use in some of the late projects in that course (The Where’s Waldo App / The Final Project) or they could choose to stick with Rails.
Or they could do one project in Rails and the other in Node.