A partner to develop a different application from the course while learning

Hello, my name is Orlando, from Chile. I did The Odin Project course 3 years ago and I am taking up the lessons again to develop something different from the tasks the course asks for but following the instructions. My intention is to remember and learn again whileve applying the knowledge in something more challenging, and who knows, maybe it turns out to be an idea that we can monetize.
I am not a programmer by profession but I have basic knowledge for having done the course before (I even see that there are new concepts and they have delved more into some topics, as well as added updates) but I really want to develop an idea together with the help of whoever wants accompany me on this path.

Who are encouraged?

Hello, i would like to be a part of your project. Am also not a programmer but am a beginner in the learning process and i am sure i would be able to pull through.