A new Beginning


Hello, my name is Nelson, and today is my first day learning web development. I am a college student in a university of Honduras, right now I am studying something like the equivalent of a software engineering. I have been interested in web development from a while ago, but today I got enough motivation to begin this awesome journey. I am looking forward to work in this kind of industry, maybe even finish with the knowledges of The Odin Project and college too. I hope I can partner up with anyone here, pleased to meet everyone of you.Preformatted text


Hello Nelson, I’m Immanuel, I’m a Nigerian. I’m quite new to the world of web development, I recently completed the essential web development course at www.upskillcourses.com(great tutorial if you ask me) I still feel like I don’t know enough, so, I started reading “The Ruby on Rails Tutorial” by Michael Hartl. Here’s my email address: chinedue16@gmail.com, looking forward to hearing from you.