4k resolution display support for xubuntu

I started the web developement 101 and set up Xubuntu, and I have a 27" 4k display. Resolution is 3840 x 2160. I’m try to get the virtual machine to get 4k as well. It’s at 1080p right now or maybe even lower at 720p. I’m trying to look for solutions.

This forum post says to use a program called xrandr that scales the video output: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=159064
Link to download xrandr from that post: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/app/xrandr/

But I’m not sure how if it works. Does anyone have a solution they know of?

Update: So I did some research and it turns out Ubuntu is much more easier to use with 4k as they have support (apparently) compared to Xubuntu.

I scrolled through the discord server and someone recommended Ubuntu Budgie, which is the same as normal ubuntu other than the user interface. Apparently it looks nicer than normal Ubuntu which is a plus. Underlying system like the drivers are all the same. Reddit post for reference. I’m gonna dual boot Budgie so I get can do 4k to get the smoothest experience.

VM was noticeably slower than my host windows os when scrolling. There’s also the input lag when moving the mouse. This is according to my limited experience so it may be helpful to the newbie. Also according to others online it seems to be common. It is a os upon another os so there’s bound to be lag I guess. If you don’t want to install ubuntu/ubuntu budgie, virtual machining it is fine as well. Just less smoother/slower.

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Thanks for finally solving the issue, and posting it for the others.

You’re welcome

Last update: I installed ubuntu budige, the latest LTS version. So now I am dual booting with windows 10 and ubuntu budgie. You can find a guide online on how to do this, search up “installing ubuntu” to find a guide. tecmint.com has a good one. 4k is working great, I am scaling it at 200%. On windows I had it at 150%. Can’t do 150% on budgie, it crashes and resets display which seems to be a known bug with fractional scaling (when it’s not 200% or 300%) on ubuntu. But 200% works perfectly and I’m happy with it. It’s the same size as a 1080p display. Satisfied with how it turned out. Everything is also smoother by booting it up instead of using a virtual machine.

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And btw when I say “It’s the same size as a 1080p display” I mean the icons and everything are the same size as if it was a 1080p display because of the 200% scaling, but at 4k resolution