4.5.1 VScode problem


Would really appreciate any help. I am using ubuntu on wsl
in this step it asks to check of if Gemfile appears when I type ls and then asks us to open our code in vscode by typing ‘code .’

However when I do this vscode launches but the files of the left are system 32 and not those of my app. so i cannot find the Gemfile to edit

please help


What directory are you in when you typed code .?


i have a similar issue, i type the code. in a new file in my vscode. i’m in the this /Desktop/odin_on_rails/my_first_rails_app directory.


i’m using a virtual box on windows


Did you install VSCode in the virtual box or are you using the windows version?


i’m using the windows version


If you are seeing the system 32 when you type code . then it means you didn’t create the symbolic link properly.

Go here https://www.theodinproject.com/courses/web-development-101/lessons/prerequisites, click the dropdown for WSL and then ensure you have followed step 3 about creating the symbolic link. You then need to ensure any projects you create are in that directory you create called Projects.