2.4 Issue - App not loading in browser



I am having trouble getting the app in 2.4 to load in the browser. Everything seemed to be fine until this point (well everything except the Sqlite3 issue, but I believe I fixed it). After I type http://localhost:3000/cars into the browser I get “Gah. Your tab just crashed.”. Does anybody know how to help me with this? TIA.



When you type rails s, the terminal becomes your logs of what is happening. So when you open a browser and it crashes check the terminal and see if you can spot any error messages.


I replied to your other message…but now, with me doing nothing else but turning on my computer this morning…it works. VERY frustrating…but I shall soldier on! Thank you for attempting to help. I will be more descriptive with issues (maybe I won’t have any!) in the future :slight_smile: On to the next section!