100 days of code


Who is a beginner and would like to join me in the 100 days of code challenge?


That would be cool, i would like to join :smile:


Hey Tony,you are so welcome, so im super excited to have you journey with me.
tell me a liitle bit of yourself


Count me in! Cheers!


Hey Crievino, whats up, welcome to the club, tell us more about yourself


Hi, I am from Croatia, and i am third year on IT college. Haha


Welcome Lelas
How was your day 1?


How was your day one?


Good, learned about the terminal ;-). Looking forward to learn some more about web development. What about yours?


I learned some php basics, its pretty awesome…


Do you go through odin project, or you do something on your own


I’m interested as well. What platform(s) are you going through the challenge on @TiffTawarar254? It might influence my participation to work alongside you as well!


Hey @RadDevDad @Tony_Lelas
Yes, im going through the odin project,im doing web development (front end)
Im also touching up on php and sql so that i can come up with ussd projects.
Im currently using sololearn for that, once im done with the php and sql as i continue with the odin project
What do you think?


I’m currently using TheOdinProject and FreeCodeCamp. I’ve never use Sololearn though. Do you recommend it?

Is it good for small daily learning for your challenge?


I don’t recommend SoloLearn personally. Something like leetcode, hackerrank, or exercism would be better.


It really is because i get to remind myself what ive forgotten as well as a good point for reference


@crievino @Tony_Lelas what did you do today?


Learning some git …


I’m keen! I’ll update it on my blog: https://ubermensch2017.wordpress.com/


I’ll join too!